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Latest recruitment position

Technical Manager

Key job requirements.


2020-05-01 - 2020-12-01

1) Read and understand the technical requirements of each contract.

2) Carry out any necessary design work required by the contract, either in China or by reference to overseas.

3) Maintain a register of all customer’s and Banon’s drawings related to each contract.

4) Prepare and check all drawings,either in China or Thailand, required by the customer and Production department.

5) Issue drawings to customer and Production department.

6) At all times ensure that the whole department is working in accordance with the Company QA programme.

7) At bid stage provide Engineering assistance to Estimating Departments as requested.

8) Receive contract details from Contracts Departments,determine Engineering requirements.

9) Carry out engineering requirements of contracts.

10) Carry out engineering as required for product development.

11)Working from customer’s information that can vary in format from coded paperwork information, Isometrics of piping, piping lay out drawings and building steelwork, 3D model of power plant or petro-chemical refinery, design the pipe supporting system.

12)Oversee and check the drawings by drawing office.

13)Visit sites to carry out surveys of existing support systems and write report on condition and recommendations for remedial work on the hangers.


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